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continuity 9  yearOutstanding brand in the industry
Hubei Huatian is one of the largest mining machinery companies in China
The company has a special theoretical experimental center, spectrometer, metallographic analyzer and other testing equipment
Professional industry
modern techniques
Large scale
Conscientious and efficient
At present, the company has two sets of 5 tons intermediate frequency furnace. About 10 tons of castings can be poured at one time
Hubei Huatian is one of the largest mining machinery companies in China
Mainly for mining, shipping, building            materials, metallurgy, engineering machinery, electromagnetic machinery and other machinery manufacturing industry
Your drawings and technical requirements can be sent to us. We will quote you in the shortest time and provide you with high quality castings on time
Provide quality products for the market - grow together with customers
Through continuous innovation and development, strive to provide customers with diversified one-stop service solutions
Choose our 4  largereason
One stop service provider makes excellent castings
Strict production process
It is recognized by many well-known enterprises in the world
Strength of manufacturers
Mainly for mining, shipping, building materials, metallurgy, engineering machinery, electromagnetic and other machinery manufacturing industry to provide a variety of high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel parts
Scale advantage and Capacity Guarantee
Focus on the customization and wholesale of steel castings for 13 years
After sales strength
Strong team of engineers, professional, worry free, fast
It has been engaged in casting production and supporting processing products for more than 20 years. At present, it has 14 production lines, including EPC process, sand casting process and precision casting process. It can reach 1500 tons of steel castings and iron castings per month.
The company has 20 years of product design experience of 5 engineers, finishing skilled operators 30, the use of products and performance are very familiar, so as to ensure the stability of product quality. It has 8000x3000 gantry machining center and tp-jt6z6227 CNC gantry milling machine
Since 2000, the technical team has been engaged in the process technology innovation and product quality improvement Road, using the characteristics of products, in order to select the appropriate process casting, for some difficult and miscellaneous parts, structure complex parts, small batch or new product development and trial production has a professional technical force.
After the product is received by the customer, we will make an appointment for a return visit to the user of the product in advance, so as to ensure that the product can be used at ease and will not delay the production of the customer because of our product. At the same time, the company set up after-sales department, 24-hour after-sales hotline for you to answer questions at any time, after receiving the question, the relevant technical department will contact you in time to answer questions online.
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Hubei Huatian is one of the largest mining machinery companies in China. Is specialized in the production of small and medium steel castings, and the use of domestic advanced lost foam casting technology to produce alloy steel, high manganese steel and other wear-resistant castings......
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